Samantha Nuechterlein

Having grown up moving around the country, Samantha learned firsthand how state and local politics impact the community’s way of life. During her time at the University of Denver, Samantha started knocking doors and testifying at the state Capitol for stronger education funding and policy and hasn’t looked back since. Samantha joined The Capstone Group as an Associate in July 2021 supporting a wide array of clients on several issue areas. Samantha was previously the Legislative Program Associate at Democrats for Education Reform Colorado where she spearheaded and supported student-centric legislative wins under the dome. Prior to delving back into Colorado politics and advocacy, Samantha was the Development Specialist for the NCSL Foundation, acting as the liaison between national private sector clients, legislators, staff across the country, and NCSL's diverse set of policy research departments. She has been involved in the Denver community for more than a decade, most recently founding the Young Professionals Board for Urban Peak, the only youth homeless serving organization in the city. Samantha graduated cum laude from the University of Denver, with a BA in English and Environmental Geography.