Mary Marchun, Founding Partner

A fifth-generation Colorado native, Mary grew up on the Western Slope on her family’s farm. While attending Colorado Mesa University she had the opportunity to cross the Divide and work at the State Capitol, a position which she enjoyed immensely. She was instantly hooked on public policy, became an expert in Colorado’s legislative process and getting things done under the gold dome. Mary also directed campaigns in targeted legislative districts. Mary left the Senate to advocate for at-risk adults with disabilities, developing a partnership with the Governor and First Lady that brought public attention, support from funders, and increased legislative support to the community, before moving to a small lobby firm based in Denver. Mary’s passion for Natural Resources policy led her to serve as Legislative Liaison at the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), a position she held under four different Executive Directors and two Governors (one Republican and one Democrat). While at DNR, Mary developed a statewide legislative strategy to build support among stakeholders and a bipartisan group of legislators to advance water policy. The effort culminated in passage of the Colorado Water for the 21st Century Act as well as policy to support oil and gas development and protecting Colorado parks and wildlife

As one of the founding partners of the Capstone Group, Mary brought her expertise in legislative process together with excellent relationships across the state with many different stakeholder groups. Her victories include passage of legislation to streamline the permitting process for the construction industry, promoting economic development, protecting Colorado community banks, limiting fines assessed on business development and access, and business-friendly measures to strengthen Colorado’s economy. She also spearheaded efforts to allow new, high-tech Transportation Network Companies (Lyft), to operate in Colorado – the first of its kind in the nation, and passed legislation to help establish Colorado as a leader. Over the last several years Mary has been successful for her clients in winning new money for Colorado’s infrastructure system, developing new rules for scooters, finding new opportunities in the energy field, impacting change on the Colorado ballot process and protecting Colorado main street businesses as well as fortune 500 companies.