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The vision for The Capstone Group developed during long nights at the State Capitol and came to fruition in 2003. The three founding partners realized their mix of skills, expertise, commitment and experience on a broad range of issues would offer valuable service to those seeking to navigate the State Capitol. Our impressive track record of advancing state policy for our diverse client base has earned us the respect of clients and decision-makers alike.

Throughout my time in the legislature, I’ve witnessed and benefited firsthand from the hard work and commitment Capstone brings to every issue for every client. Their willingness to roll up their sleeves and find innovative solutions to the problems facing Colorado, sets them apart from the pack.

– Senate Assistant Minority Leader John Cooke

Moira Cullen, Founding Partner


Moira Cullen specializes in advocating for education reform, higher education, non-profit advocacy, mental health and human services and children’s policy issues. She has over a decade of experience in coalition-building, grassroots strategies and in the creation of essential partnerships between state/local agencies and key public and private interest stakeholders. Read More

Mary Marchun, Founding Partner


Mary Marchun is an experienced lobbyist and political strategist with extensive involvement in business, natural resources, higher educatio,n and economic development issues. She also brings experience in fundraising, PAC development and campaign strategy. Read More

Christine Staberg, Founding Partner


Christine Staberg is a public affairs professional with extensive experience in the integration of public affairs and public relations, communications, strategic planning, and effective grassroots organizing to raise visibility and secure support for policy issues. She has worked in a policy capacity in the state of Colorado since 1994, building strong relationships with policy makers and key influencers. Read More

Jeannie Vanderburg, Senior Associate

Jeannie was born in raised in Northwest Denver. From an early age she was knocking doors for political candidates and attending election night parties. While at the University of Colorado she chose to study Political Science and never looked back.Read More

Samantha Neuchterlein


Having grown up moving around the country, Samantha learned firsthand how state and local politics impact the community’s way of life. During her time at the University of Denver, Samantha started knocking doors and testifying at the state Capitol for stronger education funding and policy and hasn’t looked back since. Read More

Governor Hickenlooper with Christine and Bill Jaeger of the Colorado Children’s Campaign for the signing on HB 1317 Pay for Success, May 2015.

Governor Hickenlooper with Christine and Bill Jaeger of the Colorado Children’s Campaign for the signing on HB 1317 Pay for Success, May 2015.